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Love is over (by English)

Love is over.
I wondered which one was wrong.
But, I decide to depart from you.
It sounds very sad frase for me.
Cause' it meens endless love.
Love is over.
It's the best choice for you & me.
Though there are no reasons above us.
Love is over.
You may say it cuz we're so young & taking wrong feellin'.
But, I'm beleavin' someday we'll meet in the smillin' face.
Love is over.
Don't cry cause' you're a mother.
Please, forgive me & forget me soon.
But, I'll never forget about you.
Anyone couldn't be warm to my heart in any cases like you.
Cause' I'm thinking about you it anytime.
Maybe you're the last lover of me.
Love is over.
Every time I'm hoping your happiness.
Just inside of your heart.
Love is over.
I wanna say to you have to hearing your mind voices.
They are all things I really want for you.
Please, don't miss the way you had by the spirits.
Look & think of your life by your really own hearts.
Maybe, you'll find your own soul of your life.
Love is over.
Now, I want to cry, but I can't...
So, go through outside of my mind, and find your love in your family.
Love is over. uh,,,
Find your treasures at your family,please...
Love is over......
P.S. I found myself in my life & someday I'll find someone.
      So,don't care about me no more & I'm hoping your happiness anytime.


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